Terms and conditions


Mr Recycle undertakes to collect acceptable materials, as per the pre-paid number of bags or bundles provided in the prescribed format from subscribers.

We only pass once after the designated time. If there is nothing to collect we will neither stop nor return.

Collection postponements:
Collections might be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances which many include extreme weather conditions; protest action on the N2; political rallies and/or warnings issued by the relevant authorities.

If and when this decision is forced on us, you will be notified immediately so please keep your email address current
Within reason, extra bags created from this delay will be removed at our cost.


  • No service will be provided without proof of payment first being received via email, using only the address as reference.
  • You choose how many bags you want collected weekly and we will abide by your decision until notified otherwise. 
  • Your responsibilities must be fulfilled
  • If notice has been received that the membership will be continued but payment for the next period delayed, until such time as the membership monies have been received, monthly membership fees are applicable.
  • Membership is not transferable.

Binding conditions and amendments

Mr Recycle shall not be bound by any warranties or representations unless they have been made in writing or are published electronically on its website or communicated by e-mail.

Upon subscribing to the service, the member shall be bound by the above terms and conditions and by any regulations and conditions as published on the Mr Recycle website from time to time.