Choosing the right package:

  1.  Decide on the number of bags you will provide weekly.
  2. Reserve your space on the collection vehicle, paying in advance either monthly, 6 monthly or annually. 
  3. You will be charged R20 per extra bag or bundle, so be sure to choose the right package for your needs. 
  4. If we flatten your boxes, you will be charged R10 per box.

Urban residential subscription rates:
Collection route driven weekly.
If you have nothing to collect, no problem.
 1 bag or  
1 small bundle of cardboard
 Up to 2 bags or  
2 small bundles of cardboard
 Up to 4 bags or  
 4 small bundles of cardboard

1 month 

R 190
R 370

 3 months 



 6 months 

R 1,196
R 2,392
12 months

R 2,392
R 4,784

· Extra bags or bundles: R20 each - if paid in advance
· Box flattening: R10 per box - if paid in advance.
Rates are doubled - if we need to invoice you for additional work done on your behalf.

Irregular Collections

Although circumstances and costs may vary, the average cost is R100 plus R20 per bag.