Choosing the right package:

  1.  Decide on the number of bags you will provide weekly.
  2. Reserve your space on the collection vehicle either monthly, 6 monthly or annually. 
  3. If you have the odd 1 or 2 bags or bundles extra, simply make a transfer of R20 if pre-paid or R40 if post-paid.
  4. Boxes do need to be flattened, either by your staff or ourselves. R10 if pre-paid or R20 if post-paid if it becomes our responsibility.

Urban residential subscription rates:
Your subscription contributes to the sustainability of our empowerment program.
Thank you!
1 bag/week.

Up to 2 bags/ week.
Includes separate bag of cardboard
Up to 4 bags or bundles of flattened cardboard/week.
 1 Month R100 R200 R435
 6 Months R600 R1 200 R2 400
 12 MonthsR 1 200 R2 400 R4 800

· Extra bags or bundles: R20 if pre-paid or R40 if invoiced after the action.
· Box flattening: R10 per box or R20 if invoiced after the action.

Please note that no wheelie bins will be touched as we are not "bin raiders" nor City employees.

Irregular Collections

Although circumstances and costs may vary, the average cost is R100 plus R20 per bag.