Rusty Red Productions

Introducing Rusty Red Productions as "the family's educational and entertainment program of choice".

Rusty Red provides cost effective, hand crafted shapes which the parent, friend and child together can paint and decorate.

See the Facebook page @RustyRedProductions for more photo's.

Bringing families together through the painting and decoration of hand crafted shapes, this program additionally works to improve children's fine motor skills; concentration, self expression and self confidence. By having the child stimulated and otherwise engaged, it also makes shopping or visiting a friend a pleasure for everyone concerned.

Having successfully tested our innovative and supervised children's empowerment program at the Vergenoegd market, we have full confidence that our program can be rolled out for the individual, party and school situations. Supervision at children's parties can be arranged, at a cost.

As registered PlanetGuardians, we introduce you to this fantastic, family focused children's growth opportunity, at a discounted price. We will deliver your choice (for free), when we collect your recycling.

The facts:

Instead of giving children boring blank canvasses, we provide individualized, hand crafted shapes; glitter; paint brushes,  people and planet friendly paint .


1.   Individually hand crafted.

2.   Made from re-purposed hard board.

3.   Can be designed and cut to order.

4.   Orders need a minimum of 5 working days notice.

 Kits: , which includes 1 medium or large shape

1.   6 colours in small, plastic pop open containers

2.   Apron

3.   2 paint brushes (medium and narrow)

4.   Glitter

5.   Stick of glue

6.   Container in which to rinse the paint brush between colours

7.   Cloth to dry the paint brush off with

Supervision for parties etc is available, at R350 per hour. 

(Travel to function charged at AA rates.)