Receivable materials

 Packaging/ recyclingItems made of 2 or more materials cannot be recycled due to separation costs. 
To save the sorters time, please remove all lids but include with the recycling. 
See the below list for further clarification.

For extra bags of recycling to be collected, please transfer R20 per bag.
If we are required to flatten cardboard boxes on your behalf, please transfer R10 per box.
If we have to invoice you, then the rates are double.

 Community Donations Includes unwanted (but not broken) clutter which can be distributed amongst those less fortunate than yourself.
Examples: Clothes, toys, books, tools, ornaments and just about anything that is not organic or waste. 
Includes any electrical item which can be repaired or dismantled for recycling.

For logistical purposes, please be so kind as to inform us if you are adding Community Donations to your normal recycling collection.
1 bag of clearly marked Community Donations per week are collected free of charge.

Packaging materials which can be recycled:
  • Cold drink and beer cans
  • Food tins
  • Metal lids of glass jars
  • Aluminium cans (eg, Red Bull),  foil and foil packaging
  • Paint, oil and aerosol cans (leave labels on them).
  • Rusty cans can be recycled
  • Beverage bottles
  • Food jars such as tomato sauce, jam and mayonnaise bottles
To combat the spreading of Aids - broken glass cuts through the skin - please pack the glass carefully.

Wrapping in paper or placing separately in boxes within a plastic bag works best.

  • White office paper
  • Magazines and books (as long as nothing is laminated)
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard (boxes and cereal boxes).
  • Tetra pak, eg Long life milk containers.

Plastics are made from oil, a non-renewable resource, and much of the plastic packaging we use every day is recyclable. 

Ice cream and milk containers, fabric softener bottles, plastic bags and even cling-wrap can all be recycled.

The easiest way to determine whether a plastic product is recyclable is by looking for its recycling logo. There are seven plastic recycling logos and most plastic packaging is imprinted with one of them.