PlanetGuardian Mission

PlanetGuardians' Mission:

 Poverty alleviation by reducing our Carbon Footprint.


To stop social, financial and environmental crimes against humanity.

Poverty causes crime resulting in the need for extra home and business security which increases Municipal and Governmental income, the bulk of which is spent on salaries and perks. There are no effective Municipal or Government funded, mass poverty alleviation programs, which is understandable with the Millions of Rands per month at stake.

To me, this is a crime against all of humanity and our pets that are also hurt in poverty driven home invasions.

The only way to stop poverty and the exploitation of the Citizen's fear of being a victim is through the mass creation of work for previously employable people; commercially unemployable people and providing school leavers with the opportunity to learn practical working skills so they can get a "decent job".

Separate collections and manual recycling are the fastest and in the long run, cheapest way to stimulate the economy; reduce our Carbon Footprint; reduce our consumption of precious resources and to protect our families and friends.

Yes, there will always be those that refuse to work and will commit crime, but by targeting "those that want to work but have no choice but to commit crime" for upliftment, we can make a difference.

Rome was not built in a day either, but steady and logical steps were taken and the end result was worth it.