Recycle to change the future.

On a weekly basis, we collect your bag/s of mixed recyclable materials placed on top of your flattened cardboard to deliver/donate to selected, safe, supervised and weatherproof "job centers" for recyclingAt the cost of the space taken on the vehicle, your support expands the collective "Do Good/Feel Good/Receive Good" program.

Leading by example as from 2001, the Mr Recycle program aims to safeguard and promote child well-being for generations to come.

Using your recycling and by providing a superior environment friendly collection service resulting in sustainable "job creation", we build the resilience of families and communities.

You and Martin work together to stimulate the social, financial and environmental economies, empowering everyone to care for and protect all children for generations to come.

This program also results in a reduction of opportunist and survival motivated petty crime, the cleaning up of communities and protection of Our Earth.

Mr Recycle is an Exempt Micro Enterprise at level 4 BEE.

Join Mr Recycle  @ from R100/ month