Painless recycling through kerbside collections

    Recyclable materials are manufactured packaging materials, usually made of one kind of materials eg. paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, polystyrene.

    The exception to the rule is  "tetra pak"
    as it is made of more than one material which long life milk etc are provided in.

    5 easy steps is all it takes:
    1. Sign up for collections
    2. Rinse off the food waste
    3. Bag materials as directed
    4. Flatten the cardboard
    5. Place outside by 7 pm 

    Leave the bags outside, we will collect during the course of the evening.

    Commercially unemployable people working in safe, supervised and secure facilities, with smiles and thankful hearts manually sort through your donated materials knowing that, thanks to your generosity, they can feed their children tonight.

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    ob creation


    • The Service:

    Kerbside collections of bagged materials; flattened cardboard; community donations & electrical discards.

    All materials are donated to job centers.