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Martin Brink
083 708 3468 (Text or Whatsapp)


Ronelle Koonin 
079 138 9262 (Office hours)

3 step recycling program:
  1. Place all your clean mixed recycling together, in one or more bags. Separate and clearly mark your bags of Community donations and electrical discards so that they do not enter the recycling chain.
  2. Flatten your cardboard.
  3. Place the bags on top of the flattened cardboard for collection on the designated time and day.

Please note:
We do not service Municipal bins; remove loose, dirty or smelly materials nor cardboard that has not been flattened.

Collections are available  in the suburbs of the City Bowl and Southern Suburbs, areas that we have serviced since 2007.

Space on the collection vehicle is pre-booked from R100/month.

You are in control.

You decide how many bags or bundles per week you will send to be recycled, and collected from in front of your home after normal working hours.

Your environmental impact can effortlessly be reduced.