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Mr Recycle helps you to "Give Back" to your community and Our Earth, without being directly involved.

Be a PlanetGuardian
Stimulate your local economy and create local work opportunities, saving the Planet for future generations.

With your support, we can do so much more.

Working with the City of Cape Town and PlanetGuardians, Mr Recycle collects your bags of mixed, clean recyclable materials placed on top of your flattened cardboard from in front of your home.

The materials are delivered and donated to City operated, geographically distributed, environment friendly job creation centres situated outside of residential suburbs for recycling, repair and distribution

Join us. We PlanetGuardians are supporting 253 jobs and, every month, approximately 8 000 kilograms of mixed, clean materials are donated for recycling and social well-being purposes across the Peninsula.

Just launched:

Collections of bags of glass bottles to recycle and fund the Mdzanada Animal Clinic. Subscriptions start at R100/month.